Top Tips for Learning Java Programming


Java programming is a field that many individuals wish to pursue. A person who knows this language can never be jobless. Not only this field permits you to earn good money but also Java programming broadens your vision by enabling you to understand many new things.

From my experience, many students fail to master Java programming because of the wrong learning approach. If you are one of the newbies who are looking for some best advice regarding how to learn java, then you are at the right place.

Top 5 Techniques to Learn Java

If you are aiming to learn Java from scratch, below there are some techniques that will help you comprehend more knowledge about the language and become a prosperous Java guru within no time.

1. Start With Creating an Interesting Project

Brian Knapp, a competent programmer and the author of the Code Career Genius blog said in his Quora answer that he wanted to understand Java but despite purchasing some of the finest books he was unable to understand the language. To make the language interesting for him he decided to build a project that interests him the most. He worked day and night on that project and guess what? He never got bored because he was doing something which he loved doing. Not only he was able to create a project successfully but he learned a lot about Java programming.

Well, it is true! You learn a lot of things, even the difficult ones when you are doing something that interests you.

Below are some of the projects ideas that you can work on and not get bored:

  • Games: Mine Picker, Hungry Snake, 2048, Super Mario Bros Clone, Flappy-Bird Game, and many more 
  • Airline reservation system
  • Recipe Management System
  • e-Healthcare management system
  • Billing System
  • Network packet sniffer
  • Currency Converter
  • ATM interface
  • Banking Application 

2. Practice All the Time

Instead of purchasing thousands of textbooks that would only bore you, you should start practicing regularly! Start by doing simple tasks, writing small programs, and showing them to someone who can evaluate you.

There are also many training programs for Java beginner programmers to help you out.

Below is a list of the best platforms to practice Java:

  •     CodeGym

Having more than 1200 different tasks, CodeGym (https://codegym.cc) should be your first choice. Most of the tasks are aimed to teach you to solve practical issues. CodeGym has an online validator that checks your task outcomes every time and displays your result and improvement suggestions accordingly.

  •     Codechef

Get ready for some contests as CodeChef allows users to take part in various competitions. Competitions accept solutions in 35+ programming languages. You can also get professional advice by discussing your work on forums.

  •     Codewars

Codewars is an online platform to practice code challenges. The platform has “Kata” which are written by users to teach others new techniques. The Kata are ranked by the difficulty level which you need to solve to rank higher. You can also comment with constructive feedback and help the community to get better.

  •     CodinGame

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, CodinGame is a great site for you. It has programming puzzles varying from easy to very hard. No matter if you are looking for a big game or a quick 5-minute game; CodinGame has absolutely different options.

3. Study Regular

To learn anything quickly and properly it is essential to study regularly without taking long breaks. By long breaks, I mean that you can not even skip a day as it will slow down your progress. Most people need to refresh their memory when they resume studying after a long break. This happens because your brain tends to forget new knowledge very quickly, especially if it is not in practice for an appropriate amount of time. Therefore to successfully learn Java, it is important to study constantly without taking long breaks.

4. Help Others

If you have learned something, then share it with other fresh learners. Doing so will help and support others and also gives you an opportunity to discuss the learned information with your peers. Our brain learns faster when we explain new things to each other.

Here is a list of professional forums where you can hang out: 

5. Carefully Examine the Experts’ Code

Get into the brain of developers by analyzing the way they solve problems. You can see how developers think by viewing the open-source projects at resources like GitHub, GitLab, or SourceForge. Closely look at their solution and try to figure out a way on your own. Being a beginner you do not know how to solve complex situations but by examining others’ projects you can learn in a much better way.


If you seriously want to understand Java, then stop purchasing textbooks and start looking for an interesting project that fascinates you and start working on it. You can use training platforms to memorize the language and compete with other individuals. Ask your query from an experienced programmer and try to understand how they figured out a way to solve the problem.

These tips will definitely help you learn Java in a better and quicker way. 

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