6 Reasons Why Outsourcing IT is Better Than In-House


Most businesses currently rely on technology so much that they absolutely need an Information Technology (IT) expert to assist them in both their day-to-day operations and large-scale business ventures. That’s because technology is involved in all aspects of any business. Some companies may decide to hire their very own IT specialist(s), but the fact is that outsourcing your IT needs using reliable external support like Computers In The City is more efficient and will cost your business less in the long-run. For smaller businesses that operate at a smaller scale, it’s a much wiser use of resources to hire an external IT service provider. 

Here are six reasons why outsourcing IT is better than hiring an in-house expert.

Targeted Focus

Outsourcing is a more efficient way of utilizing your available resources. Companies realize it’s beneficial for them to outsource most services because it allows them to readily focus on their own project goals. In other words, they can do what they’re good at – what they’ve been hired to do – and leave the rest to everyone else. This is a more forward-thinking way of operating business, in which everyone has their own niche areas of experience and expertise and can all utilize them in more efficient ways. 

When it comes to IT, the benefit of this point is obvious: who wants to be wasting precious time and energy trying to troubleshoot IT issues when they could have a provider on-call to help and then get right back to their work? Similarly, IT providers can act as consultants when it comes to making big decisions that involve technology. They should be a part of large operational conversations, but that doesn’t mean they have to work at your office every day. 

Furthermore, it takes time and effort to hire just the right in-house staff. It’s a very vital process for any business which requires careful consideration during hiring, and sufficient training thereafter. By outsourcing IT, your business does not have to take on these responsibilities in the area of technology. Instead, IT companies thrive by doing this effort for you; finding the right people, giving them adequate space and tools to work, and keeping them up to date on the newest information.

Lower Costs

If your business should ever hire an IT professional via insourcing, it must consider the costs of this person’s hiring salary. Usually, because of the kind of specialty needed, IT experts are not necessarily cheap hires. Small businesses that are not circulating as many monetary resources may find it difficult to justify paying such a salary. Instead, these funds would be better placed in other areas of the business worth investing in. You must also consider additional costs that insourcing IT help will inflict, such as hardware and software they need to do their work, or their health insurance and other benefits.

Increased Productivity

In terms of productivity, downtime can be a company’s downfall, especially if the company relies on frequent customer interaction. Consumers today expect quick responses to messages and inquiries and quick delivery of the services they seek. If your website is down, for example, it is likely your customer pool will simply use the services of a competitor. 

On the other hand, outsourcing IT helps your in-house staff remain as productive as possible. A reliable outsourcing company will be there to help on-call 24/7 so that your team members do not have to interrupt the flow of their work and can get right back on track should any IT errors occur.

Competitive Advantage

According to this article by the Harvard Business Review, “competitiveness comes from the ability to manage change.” Technology is often at the crux of changes and innovations for businesses and how they can better accomplish their goals for sales and profitability. Without outside help from the IT experts, how could a business truly stay at the competitive edge of their industry? For example, many companies now are using the advantages of technological software like predictive analysis to better reach their opportunity market and boost their sales. A company that uses such a strategy will have a marked advantage over a competitor company that doesn’t.

Access to Better Technology

Because outsourcing generally operates on the principle of pooled resources, IT companies are able to purchase more expensive subscriptions to software and provide them to all of their clients. What is more, they make sure they have the latest information about which technologies can best serve the businesses they provide them to. That means that your business will have the most beneficial software available, but will not have to invest in any astronomical costs. Additionally, your IT provider can advise you when it comes to purchasing new hardware and if and when you should update it in the first place.


Nothing could be more important to your business than the security of your data. Not properly paying attention to this particular aspect of technology and the responsibility that comes with using it could seriously cost you. It could literally cost your business a considerable amount of money, either by losing sales, or from lawsuits, and it could cost your company’s credibility. However, when you hire outsourced IT experts, you ensure that this aspect of protecting your business and your customers is adequately taken care of. IT providers already know their responsibilities to keep your data safe and your network private. With all the associated risks involved, it’s a relief to have the outside specialists take care of it.

Outsourcing IT Is Better

There are countless reasons why it behooves your business to adopt the services of an IT provider, from higher productivity, to better business functionality, to an edge above the competition. It will essentially cost less and do more for you than hiring an insourced IT staff member could do. Make sure you have the very best technology has to offer with the pooled resources available to you from an IT company. Have access to constant support to encourage the momentum of your work. Keep data safe and under your control. And best of all, accomplish all of this while focusing on the other aspects of your business that are vital to your vision.

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