Dec 28th, 2020

Since Google first introduced its free Gmail email service some 13 years ago, it has been one of the most popular email platforms. Gmail is probably the best email app & service available for both Android & iOS and desktop users, offering a clean and simple interface, ample storage for all of your attachments and seamless integration with dozens of other Google services. 

Gmail might be the biggest player in the email market but it has its downsides as well. For some, Gmail’s privacy and advertising practices are a bit too much. Just like Facebook scans the content on its platform to serve up relevant advertisements, Gmail does the same. Privacy advocates and concerned users alike have long criticized this as a far-reaching intrusion. Some people simply don’t trust Google with all of their data and the way Google uses it to track their location and online activity. 

While Gmail has its own perks & benefits, there are quite a few Gmail alternatives if you’re looking for another email service to use. Below are five of our favorite Gmail alternatives. 

Proton Mail

Proton mail is an open-source email service offered by MIT scientists & CERN. It is easy to use while also offering end-to-end encryption to make sure no one is intercepting any of your private communications does not create any ip logs. 

Proton Mail does not require your personal information like an alternative email or phone number to sign up for the service. It is available on all platforms, allowing you to access your email on your smartphone or computer. 

While the free Proton Mail plan comes with a limit of 500MB storage & 150 messages per day you can opt for the plus plan for around 4/Month and get up to 5GB storage of storage and the option to use your own custom domain.

2: Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is an email service offered by the Zoho corporation for businesses or anyone who wants to set up an email using their own domain name. It offers a free email service for your company & also offers protection against fake emails.

Zoho mail offers a control panel for changes & customization. It also offers a process called e-Discovery that helps you find emails easily. It allows you to tag your organization team, share files & more. You can also integrate it with Zoho CRM to manage your sales. 

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is probably the biggest competitor to Gmail. Available on both Android &  iOS, Microsoft Outlook is the go-to Gmail alternative for those who operate within Microsoft’s ecosystem. 

Outlook offers free & premium plans for personal use and businesses. It also offers an Ad-Free email experience on all premium plans along with advanced enterprise-grade email security. Outlook offers premium support from Microsoft for those on a paid plan and can also be set up to use your personal domain.

Spark Email

If you’re looking to keep your current email service but want another appt to manage it all for you, Spark Email is the best option out there. Spark Email will seamlessly integrate with your Gmail, Outlook, iCloud or Yahoo Mail accounts, adding email scheduling, reminders, message snoozing, pinned emails and a whole lot more.

One of the best features of PSark Email is notification priority that allows the app only to notify you when you receive an email from someone you know rather than notifying you every single time an email hits your inbox.


If you’re looking for a simple and intuitive email client, GMX may be the perfect option. The GMX app for Android and iOS replicates all the functionality found in the email client’s web service, delivering a clean user experience, contact syncing between devices and integrated cloud storage for your attachments.

GMX also allowed for an added layer of security with a password or PIN protected inbox or folders and battery savings on mobile devices with reduced notification and inbox syncing based on your schedule.

Download GMX from the Play Store or iTunes


Yandex Mail is one of the most versatile third-party email apps for managing your current email address. With the app installed, Yandex Mail will give you an extra layer of spam filtering, unlimited email storage, multiple email aliases from a single inbox and the ability to manage your email from nearly a dozen different email services.

Download Yandex Mail from the Play Store or iTunes

AOL Mail

Did you know AOL is still a thing? The AOL app may not be quite as popular as the comapny’s messaging service or original AOL email service, but it offers a decent email platform for thos looking for something a bit different than Gmail.

The AOL app incorporates email with news weather and more. It’s free to use and also features calendar integration if you want to create vents based on the emails you receive. 

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail ahs come a long ways over the years. For those looking for an Gmail alternative that offers just as many features as Google’;s email service, Yahoo Mail is the way to go!

Yahoo’s email app is extremely customizable, allowing you to change the look and customize the colors to match your personal choice. Yahoo Mail also does an amazing job of allowing you to unsubscribe from junkmail lists, quickly and easily check into your flights, find exactly what you need wit ha dedicated attachment search option, sort through your email subscritinos to find the best deals on products and services you’re interested in and more. And to top it all off, Yahoo Mail gives you 1TB of storage to make sure you have enough clud storage to make sure you don’t have to delete your important messages or attachments.

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