This is what Samsung’s tri-fold Galaxy Z Fold 3 could look like


Earlier this month, a patent was spotted in which it suggested that Samsung could be doubling, or rather tripling down on its foldable smartphones by introducing a tri-fold display for the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Now thanks to the folks at LetsGoDigital, they have teamed up with designer Sarang Sheth to put together a somewhat realistic-looking concept render of what the phone could look like if it was actually made.

While we’re still a bit skeptical on the whole concept of foldable phones, we have to admit that the renders look fantastic and while a tri-fold display seems more novel than functional, it would indeed be something of a technological marvel if Samsung were to actually go through with it. We’re not sure how many displays one really needs, but including a third display could allow the phone to unfold into an even larger tablet, thus expanding on its functionality.

The concept render even adds a slideout keyboard, which we think is slightly impractical, but hey, it’s just a concept so why not go a bit crazy with it, right? Samsung is expected to launch another foldable smartphone in 2021 where according to the latest rumors, it could come with support for the S Pen.

In the meantime, for those who are unsold on the idea of foldable phones, the folks at TCL appear to be working on a phone with a rollable display which does seem slightly more practical.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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