TCL’s rollable display smartphone leaked in video


Turn the clock back maybe 6-7 years ago and the idea of a smartphone with a bendable/flexible display might seem ludicrous, but fast forward to today, companies like Samsung have created at least three smartphones with such displays, but it looks like TCL is hoping to take things to the next level with a smartphone with a rollable display.

The company had actually talked about such a phone at CES earlier this year, and now we have an idea of what the phone could look like thanks to a video that is allegedly a leaked video that shows TCL’s rollable display smartphone in action. It’s actually rather fascinating in terms of its application where we can imagine various situations where it might come in handy.

The video shows how the length of the phone can be extended or shortened to create a device with varying lengths. For example, you could keep the display “shorter” to make it more pocketable, but you could roll it out and extend the display if you’d like more screen real estate. TCL claims that this rollable display is built on flexible backing OLED screens that they say will last for 200,000 rolls, although whether or not it’ll live up to those claims remains to be seen.

The concept of rollable displays aren’t new, and it wasn’t too long ago that LG actually started to sell a TV with a rollable screen. While we’re not sure if such smartphones will be commercially successful, we have to at the very least marvel at the tech.

Source: GizChina

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