Samsung’s next foldable phone could sport an even crazier design


Samsung’s approach to foldable phones is a phone that can double up as a tablet. It’s a pretty obvious design approach, and actually a pretty good one, but it appears that Samsung could have even grander plans if a recently discovered patent is anything to go on.

A patent discovered by Patently Mobile has revealed that Samsung is toying around with the idea of a new foldable phone that instead of having dual display panels, could actually sport a triple display panel, as you can see in the diagram above. This means that the phone could actually unfold into an even larger tablet than the current design offers.

It is possible that maybe the displays are still small enough that they can be folded without adding too much thickness to the phone, but since this is a patent, it’s hard to tell what the end product might actually look like. It’s an intriguing idea although it does pose a problem, which is that additional hinges and folds means that more things could go wrong.

While Samsung has improved on the overall durability of the current Galaxy Z Fold 2 compared to its predecessor, it’s far from a perfect system, but in the meantime what do you think? Is a foldable phone with tri-display setup something you might be interested in?

Source: Patently Mobile

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