Sep 28th, 2020

The price of the Pixel 5 has inadvertently been confirmed by Google… for those planning on buying the phone in Japan.

Google of Japan accidentally jumped the gun, sharing the price of the upcoming phone on its Twitter account. We suspect someone of the social media team hit the “publish” button accidentally rather than “schedule” in their social media management dashboard.

The price of the pixel 5 Tweeted by Google Japan is ¥74,800 which converts to $709 USD.  While this may seem like a high price to pay for a phone powered by a mid-range chipset like the SD765, the price is in line with the $699 prices that we’ve seen leak so far. The key thing to keep in mind is that currency conversion never seems to match up with a phone’s price in specific markets. If you do a simple currency conversion, Google Japan is selling the Pixel 4a for the equivalent of $406 — $56 more than what the company is selling the phone for here in the US. 

Based on previous pricing discrepancies between countries, we’d wouldn’t be surprised if the rumored $699 price tag for the Pixel 5 in the US is $50 higher than the final retail price of the phone.

With the official Pixel 5 launch event scheduled in two days, we’re sure this isn’t the last bit of news regarding the upcoming phone we’ll be seeing before the device makes it debut. If you’re planning to tune in for the event, make sure you head on over to Google’s Launch Night In landing page at 11 am PT on September 30th.

Via: Android Central

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