The OnePlus Watch could be revisiting an old design


In case you didn’t know, Oppo and OnePlus are closely linked. They might seem like competitors, but OnePlus is actually a subsidiary of Oppo. As such, with the upcoming rumored OnePlus Watch, some have speculated that it could actually end up looking similar to the Oppo Watch, which in turn looks a bit like the Apple Watch.

It turns out that might not be the case because according to a tweet by leakster Max J., he has suggested that the OnePlus Watch could actually sport a circular face. A circular face would make the device a bit more traditional-looking alongside regular timepieces, and could actually be more preferable for some users.

What’s interesting is the fact that back in 2016 when OnePlus first announced their wearables plan, there were drawings that were posted online that showed a circular face. Assuming Max J.’s tweet is accurate, it seems that OnePlus still has a penchant for circular designs and could be bringing the old design back.

The company had previously scrapped their plans for a smartwatch when they announced that they would be focusing on their core offerings, but given how far along the company has come, we wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to branch out beyond smartphones. There’s no date on when this smartwatch will be announced, but presumably it would be launched alongside the upcoming OnePlus 8T.

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