This OnePlus OneWatch leak has us approaching with extreme caution



There’s no question 2014 is gearing up to be the year of the smartwatch. Just about every OEM under the sun is getting ready to take a stab at the latest trend in wearables. But a new “leak” from the boys at BGR India, have us exercising extreme caution.

An anonymous tipster has seemingly supplied the outlet with an image of OnePlus’ upcoming smartwatch, taken from an image straight from their site. Here’s what worries us: it wasn’t too long ago @evleaks was hoaxed with a similar OnePlus “leak,” using a supposed OnePlus Tab in place of this smartwatch. That being said, with the recent string of hoaxes going around these days, we wouldn’t be surprised to find this leak being nothing more than that. But then again, BGR has had some luck in past, scoring some composite sketches of the OnePlus One smartphone before it was officially unveiled.


So exactly what is being alleged in this latest leak? Well, OnePlus could be working on a circular smartwatch called the OneWatch. The watch is said to use premium materials, featuring an OLED display with Sapphire glass, premium titanium border and a leather strap. On the bottom, a curved battery can be found with compatibility with the Qi wireless standard, making the watch play nice with current wireless charging accessories you may have laying around.

Still no word on whether the OneWatch could run Android Wear or feature an entirely different in-house OS (CyanogenMod?). Given the fiasco that was the OnePlus One launch, we’re less than optimistic about the company successfully launching a brand new product. While the watch certainly looks nice, if it has a snowball’s chance in hell of being successful, OnePlus is going to have to hit that same rock-bottom low pricing to increase demand. Just no invites this time, ya hear?

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  1. Will it require an invite to buy?

    1. An invite and your first born

      1. Haha! Good one.

    2. The answer to that question requires an invite.

      1. Isn’t that the stupidest thing to send invites to buy a product. Are the people who buy with this model the Android equivalents to iSheep?

        1. I am rocking a Oneplus right now and loving it. I do admit the invite system is really bad but if you get one it is great. Thanks Derek for my invite!

          1. You’re welcome :)

    3. No but it’ll require an invite to check the time.

  2. If this is priced well it will be my first smart watch purchase, assuming it will actually be obtainable.

  3. ‘one watch’ to rule them all?

  4. Does it come with a yellow band across the bottom of the screen?

    1. No. It will be a yellow ring around the entire edge. You also have to smash a Casio G Shock to get one.

      1. It won’t come with a charger either =)

  5. Screw em.

  6. If it’s by invite only, it will not make it out the door. They need to be working only on getting phones to all forum members and anyone that wants one. Otherwise, they will fold and cyanogen will leave them and hang them out to dry and die. OPO management does not get it and does not want to hear it from customers or anyone. This is coming from myself an OPO owner.

    Ian. B

    1. Not really, more than enough invites are going out. I have handed out 8 already. So no its not doing bad. They have more than enough people begging to get their hands on a the phone.

  7. Next up: OneCar. Drive your current car into a tree for the chance to win an invite!

    1. OneGF
      To get OneGF follow those easy steps:
      1. Smash your current GFs or SOs head.
      2. Get invited to court on murder charges.
      3. Get sent to jail.
      4. Get a new GF*.

      You are welcome.

      *Gender of OneGF may vary.

  8. I guess you don’t need an invite to be a victim of a One Plus hoax

  9. Did anyone notice the error in the advertisement? It was supposed to say…”The oneplus one is now available to everyone. It’s about time”

    1. I noticed the more glaring error that the word Sapphire was misspelled in the “sketches”.

      1. It’s a substitute, like mocolate.

  10. Stop giving these ass***** attention.

  11. I don’t know that I would want a band of compressed lithium gas wrapped around my wrist.

  12. One Watch i wont be purchasing…or attempting to get “invited” to purchase

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