Here’s what the OnePlus smartwatch would have looked liked if OnePlus didn’t cancel plans to make one


OnePlus has long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch, but we’ve reached the second half of 2016 and we still haven’t gotten one from the company. Hell, they’ve even made a drone before making a watch (albeit one that’s little more than a child’s toy).

But co-founder Carl Pei didn’t have problems confirming that the company, at one point, thought about making a smartwatch. The revelation was made on Twitter with this sketch of what could have been:

oneplus smartwatch

And that’s all he left it at. In the Tweet, Pei mentions that it’s not only what could have been, but also never will be. We’re not sure if this is hard confirmation that the company will never, ever make a smartwatch. It could simply be that this particular vision isn’t what they’re going with.

While the sketch is pretty rough, we can see that OnePlus was potentially experimenting with a detachable watch piece to make it easier to swap out bands, or perhaps be able to use the device as a pocket watch. Maybe you could even give it a quick charge on a charging base while the strap stays on your wrist.

That’s all just imagination at this point, though, because it sounds like OnePlus wants to make sure their phones are sound before they start dipping their toes into anything else.

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