Sep 7th, 2020 publishUpdated   Nov 11th, 2020, 1:48 pm

Google’s Pixel 4a was launched not too long ago and it seems to herald Google’s return to the good old days of affordable Nexus handsets. The Pixel 4a is a more than capable smartphone if you’re not too fussed about performance and having the latest technology or features.

So now that you’re on board the Pixel 4a bandwagon and you’re holding the phone in your hands, what’s next? If you’re new to the Pixel smartphone lineup or to Android or simply want to know how to setup your phone for the best experience, you’ll definitely want to read on to find out.

Not a fan of the default wallpaper that comes loaded on your Pixel 4a? Then maybe it might be time to change that up, or maybe even change the style of the icons to create something that’s a bit more unique to you and more up your alley. Google has actually kind of changed the way users can access these customizability features.

  1. Go to your home screen
  2. Tap and hold on the home screen
  3. Select Styles & wallpapers
  4. You can now quickly choose new wallpapers for your home, or like we said, you can even change icon shape, colors, or even the font on your phone