Aug 11th, 2020

The US government is putting the screws on Huawei where they have banned the company from doing business with US companies. They have also expanded on that where even foreign companies that use US technologies won’t be allowed to do business with Huawei, and as a result, Huawei may no longer be able to use their own Kirin chipsets in the future.

So whose chipsets will Huawei use in the future? Turns out that Qualcomm wants to fill that gap with their own chipsets. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it appears that Qualcomm has apparently been lobbying the US government to grant them an exception to allow them to sell Huawei their Snapdragon chipsets.

For those unfamiliar, Huawei is on the US Entity List which prevents them from doing business with US companies, although exemptions can be granted if companies were to file for one. According to Qualcomm, they are arguing that they should be allowed to sell chipsets to Huawei as it could help to drive billions of dollars to US companies, as opposed to foreign companies such as MediaTek or Samsung.

They believe that by lifting the ban or granting them an exemption would actually give US companies a competitive edge, which has kind of been the whole point of the trade war between the US and China to begin with. It is unclear if Qualcomm will be granted an exemption, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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