Jul 21st, 2020

Google’s Nexus and earlier Pixel phones weren’t exactly known for their photography capabilities. While they did the job fine, they were clearly lacking compared to some of the competition. Then it was as if one day, overnight, that changed where Google’s newer Pixel phones started sporting some fantastic optics.

If you loved the Pixel’s camera capabilities but don’t own a Pixel phone, you’re in luck because the lead engineer who helped develop the tech, Marc Levoy, has since left Google where he is now working at Adobe where he will be developing a “Universal Adobe Camera App” for Android smartphones.

For those who don’t get what a big deal this is, basically Google managed to achieve with its single-lens Pixel smartphones back then what other handset makers were relying on, which was multiple lenses. This included software-based bokeh effects, an impressive low-light photography mode (which has since been copied by many other handset makers), and more.

By moving to Adobe and creating a “universal” camera app, it means that in theory, Levoy’s expertise can be applied to apps that all Android phones can use, instead of being exclusive to the Pixel lineup. Whether or not it’ll be as good as what the Pixels have achieved, or even better, remains to be seen, but it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for.

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