VIP-SCDKey’s Sizzling Summer Sale has Windows 10 Pro for $14 and Office 2019 for $39


If you have somehow managed to make it this long without updating to Windows 10 it is absolutely time to make that leap. Windows 7 went end of life earlier this year and Windows 8 was basically a mistake from the start. You can update to Windows 10 Pro today for less than $15 with some of the deals that VIP-SCDkey is running right now.

You should check out VIP-SCDkey’s full summer sale page for all of the offers, but here’s a roundup of the best prices on licenses for Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016 or 2019 this summer:

For the deepest discount be sure to use our coupon code “SKpha” at checkout, this will get you an additional 15% on the already spectacular discounts.

The software integrations between Android and Windows 10 are absolutely amazing these days. At the end of April, the Your Phone Companion app added support for music controls, compatible with just about every popular Android music app out there. This is in addition to some of the other impressive stuff that’s been tacked onto the app in over the last year like screen mirroring, making and receiving calls, and of course the ability to text to name just a few. You can easily get things done on your Android phone now without ever picking it up.

And if you are still using a spinning hard drive in your laptop, you might want to also take a look at our guide on swapping out your old hard drive for a modern SSD, combined with Windows 10 it’s going to be like you have a brand new computer.

If you haven’t checked out our Lenovo Yoga C940 review, we cover some of the integrations that are possible between Windows and Android, our lone macOS fan was pretty blown away by what is possible versus using an Android phone with an Apple laptop.

Between the updates that are coming for Windows 10 this year and the awesome features that Microsoft keeps delivering for Android users through Your Phone Companion and its other Android apps, upgrading to Windows 10 is one of the best investments you can make for your laptop or your Android phone. So check out the VIP-SCDkey summer sale to take advantage of the savings and make the update today.

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