Jun 24th, 2020

Google does a pretty decent job at keeping malware out of its Play Store, but every now and then, some slip through the cracks. Plus there are also instances where users download apps outside of the Play Store, leaving themselves vulnerable to malware. Thankfully, Microsoft is here with a solution.

The company has announced that they will be bringing its Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) application over to Android devices. For those who are wondering why it sounds familiar, it is because Defender ATP is how Microsoft helps to keep its Windows operating system secure from threats, and now it looks like it will be doing the same for mobile. According to Microsoft:

“The public preview of Microsoft Defender ATP for Android will offer protection against phishing and unsafe network connections from apps, websites, and malicious apps. In addition, the ability to restrict access to corporate data from devices that are deemed “risky” will enable enterprises to secure users and data on their Android devices.”

As it stands, the Defender ATP for Android is still in preview and only available to Microsoft 365 customers who have enabled previews. If you haven’t yet, then you probably should if you want to take this app for a spin. It is expected to be eventually released to the masses in the coming months, so you can go ahead and wait for that too.

Source: Microsoft

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