The glass on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s cameras are shattering


When the iPhone first launched with the camera bump on the back, many made fun of the design, but fast forward to today, and the camera bump can be pretty much found across the majority of smartphones these days. Unfortunately, this does leave them more exposed and prone to damages.

Unfortunately for a growing number of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users, it appears that the glass covering the cameras on the back of the phone are inexplicably shattering. You could easily chalk this up to user error, but it seems that users are claiming that it can just shatter overnight for no apparent reason.

Some users claim that they pull it out of their pocket only to find the glass broken, while others leave their phones charging and discover the shattered glass after. It is unclear why this is happening, but it has been speculated that due to the larger surface area of the glass covering the cameras, it does make it more vulnerable compared to previous models.

To make matters worse, this is not covered by Samsung’s warranty and there are reports of users being charged anywhere between $100 to $400 to get it fixed. If you did recently get your hands on the device, you might want to consider a case for the phone that will offer better protection for the camera cutout.

Source: SamMobile

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