Apr 29th, 2020

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro were launched not too long ago, but it seems that OnePlus has a new handset up their sleeves that could be announced in the coming months. This is according to a tweet by @MaxJmb who claims that the rumored OnePlus Z could be announced this coming July.

For those unfamiliar, we have been hearing rumors that OnePlus could have a mid-range handset in the works. It was previously known as the OnePlus 8 Lite, but later it was suggested that it could instead be known as the OnePlus Z. The OnePlus Z is rumored to be the revival of the OnePlus X handset that was launched a few years ago.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with OnePlus news, the company attempted to launch a new lineup of handsets a few years ago in the form of the OnePlus X. There was no successor to the OnePlus X as the company decided not to pursue it as they wanted to focus on its flagship phones instead.

Over the years, the price of OnePlus phones have been steadily going up with the OnePlus 8 Pro being the most expensive handset from the company to date. Plus with the success we’ve seen Apple experience with the iPhone XR and base iPhone 11, it’s not surprising that OnePlus is ready to embrace its budget roots again.

OnePlus has yet to officially confirm anything so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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