LG reveals full LG Velvet spec sheet ahead of next week’s launch


In regular LG fashion, the company has officially revealed the most important features and specs of the upcoming LG Velvet before its official launch date. While the highlight of the upcoming device is still the phone’s complete redesign from the G-series of the past, LG is positioning the new device as a mid-range phone that should be quite appealing to those who may traditionally opt for a flagship smartphone.

LG has confirmed that the phone will feature a 6.8-inch (20.5:9 aspect ratio) OLED display, the new Snapdragon 765 5G from Qualcomm, up to 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, microSD card support and a generous 4,300mAh battery. Its triple camera system on the back of the phone will consist of a 48MP main sensor, 8MP ultrawide camera, and 5MP depth camera with a 16MP camera on the front for capturing high-resolution selfies. Like the LG V60, the phone will feature audio focus for video and an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) recording function thanks to its two high-performance microphones.

Like the LG V60, LG has also confirmed that the LG Velvet will ship with “LG Dual Screen” and “Stylus Pen” support, though both accessories will be sold separately.

The specs of the LG Velvet will not impress anyone who’s looking to buy a Galaxy S20 from Samsung or even the OnePlus 8, but they will allow LG to compete directly with Samsung’s mid-range A-series of devices. The key will be entering the market at just the right price point. The specs of the phone aren’t far off from those of the TCL 10 5G which is using the same chipset. TCL’s device will be selling for $400. If the LG Velvet can deliver its stunning new design at that same price, it will likely be one of the most popular mid-range smartphones of 2020 if the company is able to put a decent marketing campaign behind it.

The U.S. and European launch details have yet to be revealed, but the company has announced that the LG Velvet will be unveiled on May 7th and will show up in stores on May 15th in South Korea. 

Source: LG Korea


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