OnePlus 8 Lite could be launched as the OnePlus Z later this year


OnePlus has been struggling with the pricing of its phones in the recent years, where the company seems to be slowly pricing themselves out of the market. OnePlus was known to be a budget brand back in the day, but these days, the company’s phones are getting more expensive, something that they need to address if they don’t want to lose their fans.

If you recall, there was a recent rumor that suggested that OnePlus could be looking to relaunch the OnePlus X, and now according to the latest rumors, the phone will be known as the OnePlus Z. What’s interesting is that we might have actually known about this phone as early as 2019.

In December last year, renders of the alleged OnePlus 8 Lite surfaced which showed a phone that was said to be a more affordable version of the upcoming OnePlus 8. Now the rumors are claiming that the phone will actually be known as the OnePlus Z and could be launched later in the year.

We’re not sure what kind of hardware the phone will be packing yet, but given that it is rumored to be a budget handset, don’t expect anything too fancy. In the meantime, OnePlus has confirmed that they will be hosting their OnePlus 8 launch event on the 14th of April, so maybe some details about the OnePlus Z could be announced then as well.

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