Jan 28th, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Buds were a surprising hit from last year’s Samsung Unpacked. They were one of the few true wireless earbuds at the time to beat out the AirPods in battery life, coming in at six hours per charge, and came in at an affordable $129.99.

But in the last year, the true wireless earbud market has exploded. Battery life has gotten better and cheap earbuds have gotten bounds better in quality, both build and sound. The market is fierce right now and we’re looking forward to seeing what Samsung has in store for us alongside the launch of the Galaxy S20 next month.

We already heard that the Galaxy Buds+ will feature double the battery life, bringing the total up to 12 hours. There will also be two more mics to assist in call quality. However, they won’t follow 2020’s trend of adding active noise cancelling to everything.

We don’t know if they’ll sound substantially better, since the previous models sounded pretty mediocre, but thanks to the latest leak we do know the upcoming price. The Galaxy Buds+ will go for $149.99, $20 more than the previous models. They’ll also have a better seal, maybe to make up for the lack of ANC.

With how competitive the market is, the price bump might be a detraction for future earphone buyers. But the extra battery life will surely be a big bonus.

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