A Google Assistant powered smart LED strip with 16 million colors gets a price drop


UPDATE: The discount is now bigger! Use the code “AA25ONXT” at checkout for 30% off. This discount ends on February 6th so get yours soon! 

Building a smart home is an awesome experience. You go from light switches and having to remember to turn off appliances to voice control, schedules, and smartphone control. Just making your lighting smart is a huge improvement.

However just throwing new smart bulbs into your light fixtures isn’t enough. Adding accent lighting to your home takes it to a new level. Whether it’s under cabinet lighting or lighting up the back of a dresser, smart LED strips are a killer addition to any home.

The Gosund smart LED strip features a tiny controller box, smaller than most dumb LED controllers, with full support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Once it’s added to the app, you can use your Google Home to control it and change the color. It’s RGB so it features 16 million colors. And of course it comes with features like scheduling, timers, and even a sync to music feature that’s a lot of fun.

You get the smart controller and 16.4 feet of the RGB LED strip, along with adhesive clips if the 3M adhesive backing doesn’t cut it, for $25.99. But for a limited time, you can get 25% off by using the coupon code “GOSUNDSL” at checkout! This brings the price down to just $19.49 for an awesome accent to any room. The deal ends at the end of the month Pacific time so grab yours quick!

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