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There are lots of ISPs in the world. Data passes through many routers supporting flows in the right direction. The traffic is open for these providers and routers; they see your IP and can track every step you take on the web. Owners of these servers and routers can collect user data and provide it to special services and government agencies.

Wireless Internet is the object of hackers’ attention who can easily steal your private data and use it against you. When visiting sites that don’t use TLS / SSL protocols, the likelihood of data being compromised increases. VPN Apps for Android are the most convenient way to change your location pretending to be a resident of a country where the site you are willing to visit is not banned. In this case, the user receives a secure channel where all the transmitted data is encrypted.

Ways To Bypass Restrictions

Your VPN server may be located in another corner of the world. In other words, if you live in Eastern Europe and use a VPN server that is located in the United States, the site you visit will take you for a US resident. Moreover, the provider will only see that you have connected to the VPN service, not to any website blocked in your country. This technology makes it possible for you to visit websites unavailable in your region due to geo-restrictions or censorship.

Using a VPN service, you don’t directly connect to the site. The network helps build an encrypted connection between your device and VPN servers located in different countries of the globe. Before visiting the site, the data goes to the VPN server through a secure channel. The traffic going through this encrypted channel will not be seen by your ISP.

Whatever website you visit, it only sees data coming from the last server of the chain through which traffic flows. If you use a regular connection through a centralized server of your provider, then it will be the last and only one in this chain.

VPN In Business

Anyone using a good VPN is protected online. And Internet connection protection is really essential for everyone. But some people lose more than others when it comes to personal data theft. These are people who make money on the web. VPN for an online business is essential nowadays, and it is not applicable to free VPN services, but to a premium version. It doesn’t matter whether this is a freelancer or a large IT company owner; lack of reliable protection of Internet connection will result in serious losses.

Your data can be compromised, and customers will doubt whether they should use your services again. You will lose much more money than you spend on a good VPN service, and it will be hard for you to restore reputation.

Certainly, the protection of the Internet connection must be comprehensive. This should include a reliable antivirus, complex generated passwords, mail, and social network protection. However, VPN for a business is essential. It not only protects the Internet connection, but it also lets you bypass web censorship, find the most favorable prices for the services you need, and has lots of other pros.

VPN for business has become as essential as it has never been before. It’s required to transfer personal data or information containing a trade secret almost every day. And if an attack is stronger than the protection of your Internet connection, it will be harmful to business.

And if you don’t use a VPN, you openly transmit everything to the web. There are a lot of options to get your confidential data: this is an infected site, hacking the router, phishing, and much more.

Free or Paid Version?

You can safely use the free version of paid VPN if you just need to visit social networks blocked in the country you live in or travel to. You can even use a free VPN service when accessing the Internet via public Wi-Fi. Obviously, a paid VPN will protect you better, but you can use free one for ensuring a secure connection.

Paid VPN: why is it worth the money?

  • No logs. Sometimes paid VPN can keep logs for technical purposes. But it doesn’t sell them; the developers of the premium version earn more while maintaining its reputation. And reputation is very important for paid VPN developers.
  • High level of security. For the same reason, developers of paid VPN will not save on security. A reliable paid VPN can afford 256-bit AES encryption, OpenVPN protocol, and other premium features. DNS leaks are excluded at the network architecture level.
  • Unlimited traffic and speed. A paid VPN provides premium servers and channels for premium users. You are prioritized as a premium client. Forget about slow connection speed.
  • Lots of servers around the world. Using a paid VPN, it is possible to choose from a variety of servers around the world and select the fastest and most profitable one. Moreover, it is more cost-effective: lots of online services including hotel and flight booking ones provide different prices for different regions of the world. How do they determine your location? By IP address which varies depending on which VPN server you are connected to.
  • A paid VPN makes it possible for you to bypass censorship. The government is aware of the VPN and applies measures to reduce its possibilities. The paid VPN with strong encryption lets you log in Facebook in China, visit blocked sites in any country of the world, and access to Netflix in the USA.
  • Premium features. A paid VPN always provides a wide range of additional security features. It can be accessed from several devices using one subscription, additional encryption, round-the-clock and convenient technical support, ad blocks, and antivirus.

How else is it possible to increase the connection safety? Always use complex generated passwords. Change passwords if you accidentally visit a phishing site, even if you have immediately closed it. You better spend some time and make sure everything is fine then lose a lot of money and your reputation.


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