Next gen Galaxy Buds won’t feature active noise cancelling


If you attended CES 2020, you’d know that active noise cancelling in true wireless earbuds is all the rage. One out of every three booths was showing off true wireless earbuds and more than half of them featured (and prominently advertised) ANC. Many of them were even priced shockingly low, below AirPods Pro and even regular AirPods.

But rumors suggest that Samsung isn’t playing along with that trend when it comes to the upcoming next generation Galaxy Buds, The Galaxy Buds+ are getting a few great upgrades, including a mic array with double the amount of mics, but noise cancelling won’t be one of them. However, they’re getting a huge bump in battery size from 58mAh to 85mAh per side. This should bump the battery life to a staggering 12 hours per charge, and shouldn’t add much weight.

While the design shouldn’t change much, the sound quality hopefully will. The originals weren’t exactly known for their stellar audio performance despite the AKG tuning. We should be seeing them launch on February 11 at Samsung Unpacked 2020, and they’ll likely be a pre-order bonus for the upcoming Galaxy S20 series of devices. We loved the Galaxy Buds despite the mediocre sound quality, so we’re sure these will be even better.

Source: SamMobile

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