You might soon be able to edit Google Assistant queries


Digital assistants like Google Assistant are incredibly handy when you need to find out certain things, but as humans, we do make mistakes from time to time when we make a query to the AI. This usually means that we will need to repeat our question again, which could slow the entire process down.

The good news is that Google might have an answer to that in the form of editing. This is according to a report from PhoneArena who discovered that making edits to queries could soon become a feature of Google Assistant. As you can see in the screenshots below, when asked about the time in a certain location, that location is underlined with the option to edit.

Tapping the edit feature will then allow users to change the name of the location to somewhere else, in which the response will also change accordingly. Note that this feature isn’t actually available yet and that not all devices are seeing it, so it is possible that Google is testing it out for now.

Also, users can only change the variable, which in this case is the location, as opposed to the entire query. This means that you can’t edit your question from a “what time is it” to a “what is the weather”. It is still pretty useful, especially in the event that Google Assistant fails to understand you correctly.

Source: PhoneArena

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