Oct 3rd, 2019

For many, smartphones are the only cameras that they own and as such, the image and video quality that the smartphones offer is extremely important. In 2019, OnePlus stepped up its game with the 7 Pro which features a triple camera module on the back while also improving the quality of the images it captures. Within the Android space, OnePlus has gained a lot of respect, but can the newest device from OnePlus go head-to-head with the brand new iPhone 11 Pro? Let’s find out.

iPhone 11 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy Note 10: camera shootout

The video above and the gallery below includes side-by-side photos and videos captured by the two phones in daylight and night time scenes to give you a detailed look at how the cameras on the two devices perform in different scenarios. The OnePlus 7 Pro has the advantage when it comes to overall image size wit hits 48MP main sensor, but Apple has dramatically improved its image processing capabilities this year and its new night mode camera setting allows it to capture incredibly bright images when lighting conditions aren’t ideal.

Feel free to share your thought on the images in the comments and let us know which device you think offers a better overall camera experience.