Oct 2nd, 2019

There are a lot of people out there dedicated to the Android or iOS platforms and have no plans of switching over, but there are some who simply want the best smartphone camera that money can buy. The new iPhone 11 Pro from Apple is finally here, so we thought we’d do a camera comparison with one of the best Android devices currently available – the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

These two devices offer the same basic setup with triple cameras on the back with standard, 2x telephoto and ultra-wide lenses and then a single sensor up form for selfies. On the iPhone 11 Pro, all four of those sensors feature 12MP while those of the Galaxy Note 10 are comprised of two 12MP sensors for the standard and telephoto cameras, a 16MP sensor for the ultra-wide and a 10MP selfie camera which peeks through the display up front. When it comes to recording video, the iPhone 11 Pro has the advantage since all of its cameras can capture 4K/60 while the Note 10 can only capture 4k/60 from its main camera and is limited to 4K/30 from the front-facing camera.

Take a look at the embedded video to get a good feel for what the cameras can do when capturing photos and videos and don’t forget to browse the photo gallery below. Which smartphone do you think captures better photos and video?