New safety feature allows parents to monitor their children’s online lives.


Panda Security, the multinational cyber-security company, today launches its new family safety feature, within its Panda Dome protection platform. Panda Dome Family is a new feature that offers new protection and monitoring functions for today’s families thanks to the parental control and supervision utilities. The monitoring tool lets parents with various parenting styles understand their children’s online habits, track apps inappropriate for their age, time spent online and make sure children are continuously protected from cyber threats.

Research has found that one in every three children has been insulted online either on the internet or on their smartphone. It has also been revealed that 57.5% of children under 18 have a problem with the usage of their mobile phones and 45.1% of the internet. Panda Dome Family can be a useful tool for preventing addiction to mobile phones.

Along with monitoring your child’s activity online, Panda Dome Family also lets you locate your loved ones in real time, using GPS technology. You can install geo-location alerts, which are particularly useful for parents with teenagers who start experiencing more independence and going to places alone. This feature alerts you when your children get out of pre-defined areas, which can be really useful for when they start going to school alone. If you set up their school as a saved area, you will be alerted as they reach their destination.

There’s even a panic button function which when pressed, will instantly alert and provide your child’s current location.

Panda Dome Family can even block access to Google play using a PIN to ensure children don’t buy apps and games.

Top tips for safe and healthy internet usage – for the whole family 


  1. Time scheduler for internet, apps usage – Too much screen time isn’t good for children or adults! Agree on a set amount of time for all family members to be online each day and make sure you stick to it.
  2. Respect sleep time – Teenagers need 10 hours of sleep a night and keeping phones out of the bedroom is another way to limit too much exposure to social media late at night for improved sleep.
  3. Be vigilant – Use a tool such as Panda Dome Family to monitor the apps your family members are using and downloading, to prevent exposure to any inappropriate content.
  4. Educate your children – Make sure your children know and understand the potential dangers and effects of using the internet and show them how to use it safely.
  5. Set an example – Children pick up many habits from their elders, so abide by the same rules you set your kids. Try to limit the amount of time you spend on the internet each day and make space for quality family time away from any screens.
  6. Be open-minded – Despite the risks associated with the internet, don’t forget it can also be an incredibly useful and fun platform. Be open to what it can teach you and enjoy it!


Panda Dome Family launches today (October 3rd 2019) in the UK on Android with iOS versions of the app coming soon. For more information, visit:

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