Pixel Buds 2 could be announced at Google’s October event


Back in 2017, Google announced the Pixel Buds, which we guess could be considered the company’s first attempt at creating a wireless set of headphones. One of the selling features of the Pixel Buds is that it comes with Google Assistant built into it, and where it could also translate conversations in real-time.

It has been about two years since the first-gen earbuds were launched and we’re sure some are wondering if we will ever see a successor. The good news is that yes, we will. This is according to a report from 9to5Google in which they have heard from their source that the earbuds could be announced soon.

As to when they will be announced, we should remind you that Google has an event scheduled for the 15th of October in which the Pixel 4 smartphones will be announced. This means that there is a good chance that the Pixel Buds 2 could also be announced at the event, alongside other Google products that we have been hearing about, like the rumored Pixelbook Go laptop we heard about recently.

At the moment, there is no word on what kind of changes we might be able to expect from the Pixel Buds 2. Perhaps Google could remove the cable connecting the earbuds, making them a truly wireless set of earbuds, but we’ll have to wait until the 15th of October to find out.

Source: 9to5Google

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