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WOAH, wait, what? Since when did Phandroid cover menstrual health? Since now! I’m a big fan of incorporating my health into my digital life. For those who don’t know, this series trackers for my uteruses health has saved my life. That’s not hyperbolic either; it’s 100% true. What some readers may not know about menstruation is that it is a bodily function. Its effect on the body can vary from person to person, and as a result, if there are any issues it can become very difficult to treat.

There is a tremendous amount of stigma around menstrual health, too. You are probably curious, dear reader, why we’re even covering this at all! But did you know that people with uterus receive regular abuse because of their bodily functions? That period pain and other menstrual health issues are often poorly diagnosed or just not received with the same sympathy as other conditions would be. Which is bizarre, as these conditions are often debilitating or can be life-altering.

On average, it takes 7 years for someone to be diagnosed with Endometriosis, for me, it was 17 years. Even within the medical community, there is a stigma around the pain of periods and what it means for the process of reproduction. I had two consultants calling me “crazy” because they didn’t believe what I was going through month over month. It took finding a better consultant and a better way of tracking my menstruation health before I could get the help that I needed.

So, I ask you, if you can track your fitness, your food, why not track your menstruation?


Clue is my app of choice with tracking my menstruation. Trusted by over 12 million users, Clue is an all in one platform for tracking your menstrual health. Having a dedicated science-based repository of articles for everything, you will need to know about your periods particularly if you’re only starting your periods. The more you track the smarter it gets; It can track your periods, PMS, period and ovulation calendars, period predictions and reminders, life and mood, fertility, pregnancy, and birth control.

As someone who had irregular periods, it was great at working out when my next period would be. Its period analysis section was a great way to get an overall summary of my health and then be able to share it with the people who need to be kept up to date, like my partner or doctors.


Much like Clue, people with periods highly regard Flo with over 100 million installs to date. Its free version is still feature-rich with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a period tracker. However,  more unique features are around pregnancy and getting pregnant. It has dedicated modes for IVF and FET calenders, due date by ultrasound and more features to boot! This is an easy recommendation for people who get pregnant and monitoring the pregnancy process is a priority.


Trusted by over 2 million users MIA is much like Flo but once again more focused towards pregnancy and ovulation. The app comes with the same tracking features and reports that you would expect but with its full pink outfitting, it might not be the most appealing for people who menstruate. But finding out what works best for you is the most important thing, not just how aesthetically pleasing the app may be!

All the apps featured have the same goal in mind – to keep people healthy and informed with their menstrual health. The only way that we can ever break the stigma around menstrual health is to talk about it and inform ourselves about what we can do to help the next set of people who menstruate. Menstrual health, much like our physical and mental health should not be something that is stigmatized or shunned upon. It is a part of our overall health and should be treated with the same sensitivity and consideration as any other part of our health.

We’re all here together and life need not be any harder than it already is.

What do you think? Are there any stellar apps that I don’t know about? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below and let’s support each other.

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