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For the past several years, fans of Samsung phones have been treated to two flagship phones per year. This comes in the form of the Galaxy S series in the early part of the year followed by the Galaxy Note series in the later part of the year, with the latter coming with an S Pen to appeal to users who might appreciate the stylus.

This has been a staple practice of Samsung for a while now, but that could change in 2020. This is according to a series of tweets by Evan Blass who claims to have heard from a “solid source” that Samsung could be considering merging both handsets together into a single release.

According to Blass, this is because both the S-series and Note-series tend to have features that overlap, meaning that apart from the S Pen, there really isn’t much difference between either handset. The end result could potentially be a single handset that offers flagship specs but comes with an S Pen, meaning that whether you like it or not, future Samsung flagship phones could all come with a stylus.

Blass goes on to claim that depending on how successful the Galaxy Fold is, it could potentially replace the Note series for the second half of the year. Needless to say that this should be taken with a grain of salt for now, even if Blass has had a pretty solid track record. But should it prove to be true, how would you feel about these changes?

Source: Android Police

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