Sep 23rd, 2019

Bootloader unlocking is something Huawei stopped allowing quite a while ago, to enthusiasts dismay. This means no custom ROMs and no way to keep your phone updated once its been abandoned by the company (and Huawei isn’t the best with updates).

However, we thought things might be different with the Mate 30 Pro. Huawei CEO Richard Yu said that the company would be allowing bootloader unlocking to give customers more freedom for customization. This is likely related to the lack of the Google Play Services. An unlocked bootloader would make it easier to flash custom ROMs with all the Google services baked in.

Unfortunately, a Huawei spokesperson reached out to Android Authority and clarified that the company has no plans to allow for bootloader unlocking on the Mate 30 Pro. This is definitely unfortunate for enthusiasts, though it won’t affect most people.

Thankfully, this shouldn’t affect those people who want to sideload Google Play Services onto the device once it’s released. This can be done without an unlocked bootloader. And if it’s out of the question, there are alternative Android app stores that exist. We’re not out of options, it’s just a shame to see Huawei go back on its word.

Source: Android Authority

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