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Google Nest Mini spotted at the FCC, confirms a handy new feature


Back in August, we heard rumors that Google was working on a new smart speaker dubbed the Nest Mini. One of the alleged features of the device is that it could come with a wall mount, meaning that instead of placing it on a table, users would now have more options when it comes to placing the speaker.

It’s starting to look like those rumors could be true because in a sighting at the FCC, the Google Nest Mini was spotted where a diagram accompanying the filing shows a hole in the back of the speaker. This is where it can be used to hang the speaker off a wall either through a wall hook or a nail.

In addition to the wall mount, the FCC filing also seems to suggest that the Nest Mini will come with a 3.5mm audio port which will allow users to connect their devices to it with a wired cable instead of Bluetooth if they prefer.

The Nest Mini, for those unfamiliar, is expected to be the successor to the Home Mini. Google has been giving some of its products a rebranding so if you’re familiar with the Home Mini, then the Nest Mini is more or less the same with some changes here and there. No word on when Google will launch it, but with the rumors claiming that the Pixel 4 will launch on the 15th of October, we imagine that it could be announced then as well.

Source: 9to5Google

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