Sep 12th, 2019

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10, the company also announced an upcoming game service in the form of PlayGalaxy. This is Samsung’s take on game streaming, where instead of our devices processing all the data, it will be offloaded to a separate server which does most of the heavy lifting.

If the idea of game streaming appeals to you, then you might be interested to learn that the PlayGalaxy app is actually now available for download. The app for Windows computers can be found on the PlayGalaxy website while the version for Android devices can be found either through the Galaxy Store or APK Mirror.

We should point out that the app is currently in beta which means that if you do encounter issues while using it, that’s kind of to be expected. Samsung has yet to confirm when the service will be launched in full, but with it being in beta gives us some hope that the full launch shouldn’t be too far behind.

Also, at the moment the app is only available in both the US and Korea, so if you don’t live in either region, you won’t be able to access it for now. Samsung is not alone in expressing their interest in game streaming. Google themselves will be launching their own streaming service, Stadia, this coming November.

Valve also has their own game streaming service, in the form of Steam Link which is similar to PlayGalaxy, where you’ll be able to stream games from your PC onto your phone.

Source: Android Police

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