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The discontinued Amazon Echo Spot is now back with a brand new look


The Amazon Echo Spot was originally introduced back in 2017. You might have noticed it in several desk setup tours on YouTube. It was a popular device given how affordable it was and how it made a stylish clock for your desk. But for some reason, Amazon discontinued it a few years later, at least until they decided to bring it back.

Amazon has announced a new version of the Echo Spot. The device has undergone a facelift where instead of the display being smack in the middle, they have cut it in half. It still looks quite stylish, we’ll admit, and seems to be a nice modern update to the design. According to Amazon, the newer model features “better visuals and improved audio quality”.

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At its core, it is still very much a smart speaker with Alexa support. This means that you can still use it like any of Amazon’s other smart speakers and displays to control other smart home devices. As Amazon mentioned, there is an upgrade to the sound quality. The new Echo Spot features a 1.73-inch front-firing directional speaker.

The display will also show off colorful new animations whenever music is playing. If you’re interested in picking up the new Echo Spot, it is being sold for $80. This is cheaper than the previous model. But if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can actually grab it for $45 during Prime Day.

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