Aug 28th, 2019

Smartwatches typically come with hardware features like a heart rate sensor. It is also capable of tracking how many steps you’ve taken, but to date, we haven’t really seen that many smartwatches come with a built-in camera. We imagine that this is because it might be too bulky, but Google could change that.

In a recently discovered patent by the folks at LetsGoDigital, they have found a smartwatch patent by Google which revealed that the company is exploring the idea of a smartwatch with a built-in camera. Oddly enough, the patent seems to show that the camera is placed directly in the center of the smartwatch.

We’re not sure what this could mean, but perhaps it could be used for authenticating the user through facial recognition, rather than to snap photos discreetly. The Apple Watch relies on the wearer’s heart rate to authenticate them when trying to make Apple Pay payments through the watch, so perhaps this could be Google’s answer to that.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

Ever since Google started making their own brand of smartphones and tablets, it only made sense that the company would eventually start making their own smartwatches. After all, Google did create Wear OS, and much like the Nexus/ Pixel smartwatch, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for Google to create a smartwatch that showed off what Wear OS could truly do.

Unfortunately, that smartwatch has yet to materialize, although we have heard that 2019 could be the year that Google finally debuts the Pixel Watch. If and when that happens, it will most likely be at the Pixel 4 event which we heard could take place in October.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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