OnePlus planning its Android 10 update for September 3, the same day as Google


As we have mentioned in the past, the problem with Android updates is that you don’t know when it will come. If you own a Google Pixel handset, when the next Android update is released, you’re more or less guaranteed to get it on that day itself. If you own a non-Pixel handset, well, good luck.

OnePlus has been pretty good with their updates where the company has managed to release them in a somewhat timely manner, but it looks like this year it could be different. In a screenshot shared on Reddit, u/Staafnek showed a conversation between them and a OnePlus rep, who apparently confirms that OnePlus is planning on releasing the Android 10 update on the 3rd of September, which in case you didn’t know, is supposed to be official release day.

We should point out that the rep suggests that OnePlus is “planning” to launch it on the same day as Google, meaning that it might not necessarily be a guarantee that they will do so. Also, we’re not sure if all eligible OnePlus handsets will be covered or if only the newer models will receive it first.

There are some comments on the post that express some skepticism about the authenticity of the chat, so it’s probably best to take it with a grain of salt. Either way, the 3rd of September is just a week away so we should know soon enough. For what it’s worth, Essential has been able to release Android updates on the same day that Google has in the past, so there’s no reason why OnePlus wouldn’t be able to do the same. Just keep in mind that it does take multiple days and sometimes up to two weeks before an Android update propagates to all devices once it’s made available. Even if OnePlus does match Google’s official release of Android 10 for its devices (likely the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro), that doesn’t mean everyone will get it on September 3.

Source: Reddit

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