Google has big plans for 2019, including the Pixel Watch, new Google Home and Nest products


Ever since the launch of Wear OS, or Android Wear as it was then called, there has been an expectation for Google to release a Pixel branded smartwatch. That hope has, to date, not happened, with Google looking to other OEMs to fly the Wear OS flag. As the saying goes – new year, new start, and Google looks to have big plans for 2019 according to a new report.

Courtesy of Nikkei Asian Review, the report provides an insight into what Google has planned for the upcoming year. First up is the Pixel 3 Lite, which made an appearance on Geekbench yesterday, and is Google’s attempt at providing a Pixel experience at an affordable price. It is widely expected that Google is launching the Pixel 3 Lite but the mention in the report shows the device is clearly on the roadmap and set for release this year. Perhaps of more interest is the mention of a new flagship device premium phone set to launch in the Pixel range, which is presumably the Pixel 4.

To accompany the new Pixel 4, the report suggests that Google will be launching its first Pixel smartwatch. With Wear OS long overdue a product to catapult its popularity and developer investment, the Pixel watch my be what the platform needs.

Since Google has products in other categories outside of smartphones, 2019 will see the company also release an updated version of its Google Home smart speaker and a new Nest security camera.

The Pixel 4 should be expected in October, which will align with previous release windows, while the Pixel 3 Lite is predicted to launch sooner, but there is no evidence currently to indicate when that will be.

Via: Android Central

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