Jul 29th, 2019

Foldable phones were expected to be a huge trend for 2019. After years of teasing the technology, Samsung announced plans to get in on the foldable phone action. Huawei also followed suit with their own plans, but other companies weren’t quite as quick to hop on board.

LG was one of the companies that held off where they said that they felt that it was “too early” to launch such a device, but now it looks like they might have had a change of heart. According to LetsGoDigital, they have discovered a couple of interesting trademarks filed by LG that could hint at the company’s plans for a foldable phone (or phones).

The trademarks filed were for devices called “Arc” and “Folds”, which while could for anything, really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Now, there’s no guarantee that these devices will end up being foldable phones, so take it with a grain of salt for now. The company has flirted with the idea of foldable phones, where earlier this year, LG launched the LG V50 with an optional accessory that kind of gave it a foldable phone look.

That being said, the jury is still out on foldable phones. So far foldable phones have been off to a bad start. Both Samsung and Huawei delayed the launch of their foldable phones, although on Samsung’s end, the Galaxy Fold is expected to make its return in September.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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