Google launches new Pixel 4 ad teasing hand gesture system


The Google Pixel series has long been a “pure” line of devices, lacking a lot of extra features but providing what many people would argue is the ideal Android experience. While other manufacturers continue to experiment with interesting (or gimmicky) features, the Pixel series has remained relatively simple.

However, this is changing with the Pixel 4. Google has taken an unusual stance and has been giving out info on the upcoming device before launch. The company previously showed off the back panel of the Pixel 4 after leaks revealed the design. A later leak discussed a radar-based hand gesture system built into the earpiece area, and it looks like the leak was right. Google has released a new ad showing the feature off.

There isn’t much detail in the video, but it shows a person switching songs by waving her hand. This seems pretty similar to LG’s palm technology included in the G8, though we hope it’s better than that. The feature does have merit, as picking up your device every time you want to change a song or struggling to press a small button when it’s on a table can get annoying.

We look forward to learning a new way of interacting with our device without actually touching it. We just hope that this won’t end up a gimmick no one will use.

Dima Aryeh
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