Location tracking might be more useful than we think


The idea of location tracking has gotten very bad connotations over the years, due to an increasing need for privacy and how some companies and some apps are abusing the technology, tracking us where we go, what websites we visit, and products we buy, and so on.

That being said, location tracking does not necessarily have to be a dirty word. In fact, there are many reasons why location tracking can be useful and can even be billed as a safety feature. This is why services like The Phone Spy App can come in handy, where it allows you to track the location of a device smartphone.

We know that the term “spy” might sound rather invasive and negative, but as we said, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why spying on a person’s phone can be useful.

Useful for parents

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re a parent. Thanks to the age of technology, most kids these days have a smartphone, which means that you’ll be afforded the kind of tracking and monitoring that our parents never had. For example, you could see where they are at all times and not skipping school. You can also check to see where they claim they are, and not somewhere else up to no good.

Some tracking apps even come with built-in monitoring tools where you can see what kind of messages and calls your kids receive, and what kind of apps or websites they are using. In turn, you can even block harmful content to make sure that they won’t see it. Sure, some might scream that this is an invasion of privacy, but when it comes to keeping our loved ones safe, maybe sacrificing a bit of their privacy might not be as bad as the alternative.

Location tracking for medical purposes

Not only is location tracking useful for parents, but it can also be useful for caregivers or if you have elderly parents or relatives who suffer from Alzheimer’s. Some of the symptoms of the disease include memory loss, where one day they are fine, and the next they can’t remember where they are, or worse, who they are. This can sometimes lead to patients who are not monitored properly to wander around, which can be dangerous.

By installing a location tracker on their phone, it means that you’ll be able to keep tabs on their location at all times, where if they suddenly start moving to places they shouldn’t be, at the very least you’ll know where they are and can find them and bring them home.

A personal safety tool

Location tracking can also be used for personal safety, where if you’re traveling to a foreign country or if you’re out and about late at night, by providing your location to a family member, partner, or close friend, they’ll be able to know where you are at all times. There are some apps that even allow users to press an SOS button that will ping their location to their contact list and call for help.

So, while we do understand the need for privacy, a right that we should all be afforded, it does not mean that location tracking is as bad as it seems. If you were on the fence about using such apps and services, hopefully this will give you some new perspective.

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