A detailed look at Android Auto’s 2019 redesign


Android Auto is getting a new look! Announced earlier this week, the 2019 redesign of Android Auto is essentially a new coat of paint on the old system, but the team behind the product has also added a few more features which make the system much more intuitive while improving its look.

The main visual change is the removal of the colorful bar at the bottom of the screen. Instead, Android Auto now features a widget with quick actions to other ongoing apps, allowing you to skip tracks, pause your music and perform other tasks without leaving the main navigation screen. Overall, the UI is a lot darker, allowing Android Auto to blend in better with the aesthetics of most vehicles which typically features a black or gray dashboard. The update also auto-plays music when you turn the vehicle on, replicating what most people are used to if they had the car’s radio. This feature can be turned off in the settings, but it’s a great new feature to have since Android Auto previously required users to tap over to the music screen and press the play button every time they jumped into their car.

Google has also rethought the interaction of the UI when it comes to opening different applications, bringing in the familiar app launcher which most users should be familiar with. This change makes Android Auto feel a lot more like a built-in infotainment system rather than something that’s being beamed to the screen from your phone.

Check out the video below to see the Android Auto redesign in action.



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