Android Auto Makes its Way to the Lucid Air


With platforms such as Android Auto making its way to more and more different vehicles worldwide, we suppose it was only a matter of time before it made its way to Lucid Motors’ range of automobiles. The company recently confirmed that it will be bringing Android Auto to the Lucid Air sedan via an over-the-air software update, scheduled to arrive in the fall. It should be noted that the Lucid previously only supported Apple CarPlay.

With that being said, the update adds several features including voice commands, navigation, calling, texting, and music control. Users can access Android Auto and its features via the car’s “Pilot Panel,” which serves as the main infotainment touch and control interface within the Lucid Air.

A while back, Google revealed that it plans to streamline app development for Android Auto, which includes several upcoming features such as “Google Cast,” which will soon be available for compatible vehicles from Rivian, and access to more entertainment platforms including Peacock, Max, and even games such as Angry Birds, which will arrive soon for select vehicles.

For developers, Google is also bringing a new “app quality tiers” for software, which splits apps into “car differentiated” for apps built to work in a variety of different hardware in cars, “car optimized” which center around car-specific capabilities available in driving and parked modes, and “car ready” apps which work with large screens and are enabled while the car is parked.

Source: Arena EV

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