Mar 8th, 2019

Previously Motorola had more or less confirmed that they have a new smartphone in the works. Not much is known about the device, but the rumors and a patent have hinted that Motorola might want to revive its iconic Razr phone, but give it a modern day twist with a flexible display.

As it turns out Motorola might not be alone in exploring this concept because in a recently-discovered patent, it turns out that ZTE could also be exploring something similar. According to the patent, it shows how ZTE is also exploring a clamshell-design smartphone with a flexible display on the inside.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

Unlike Motorola’s Razr smartphone, ZTE’s patent suggests that there will not be an external display and that everything will be on the inside. It also shows how the phone’s upper portion is not of the same length/size as the bottom, leaving a little lip at the bottom portion of the screen which we imagine could potentially be used to display notifications and alerts when the phone is closed.

Unfortunately, the hinge in the design is rather big and obvious and we can’t say we’re digging it completely, but it is a different take compared to what the other companies have been doing. So far companies such as Samsung and Huawei’s approach to foldable phones come in the form of devices that can be folded into a smartphone and unfolded into a tablet.

Such a design makes sense, but given that foldable phones are still very much untested, it’s hard to determine what the “perfect” design is yet. In the meantime, this isn’t ZTE’s first foray into devices with flexible displays. At MWC 2019 last month, the company showed off the Nubia Alpha which is a wearable for the wrist with a flexible display.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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