Jan 16th, 2019

Despite reports of flagging iPhone sales, it’s hard to deny that even until today, Apple’s iPhone is still very much in demand, even amongst Android users, some of whom would buy an iPhone if only it were more affordable. Back in the day, Motorola had a similar hit on their hands with the iconic Razr clamshell smartphone.

Made out of premium materials and sporting an extremely thin design (for its time), it was one of the most coveted phones back then. Now it looks like the phone could be revived by Lenovo who is said to be working on a new Motorola Razr smartphone. It will be a smartphone but here’s the twist: it will be sporting a foldable display.

We can’t say with certainty if the phone will be maintaining its clamshell design or if it might be a foldable phone similar to other foldable phone concepts we’ve seen. While a revival of the clamshell design with a foldable display sounds like a good idea, we’re not sure if that is practical.  But at the same time, wasn’t that part of what defined the phone in the first place?

The report adds that Lenovo is working with Verizon for the launch which could come as soon as February. If true, Lenovo could very well beat Samsung to the market with a foldable handset as Samsung’s foldable phone might only be announced late February and possibly be released in March. The rumored foldable Motorola RAZR could also debut with a $1,500 price tag which isn’t far off from that Samsung’s foldable smartphone is expected to cost.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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