A foldable-display smartphone belongs on your wrist, not in your pocket


We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where spies communicate with their handlers through a phone built into their watch. To a certain extent that future is sort of here, where our smartwatches these days are gaining the ability to make and answer phone calls. The only downside is that usually, they need to be tethered to our smartphone.

ZTE’s Nubia brand thinks that they might have the solution to that, and that is to create a smartphone that can be worn on the wrist. This seems to be what the company is hinting at in an invite that is being sent out to the press whereas you can see in the image below, the company is teasing their plans for a device that can “flex”.

This is actually not the first time that the company has teased a device that could sport a flexible display. A few days ago, they released a poster for their MWC event with a caption that reads, “Flex your life”, but what’s interesting about this teaser is that according to GSMArena, it highlights the silhouette of a device that resembles a smartphone/smartwatch hybrid concept that Nubia unveiled back at IFA in 2018.

This has led to speculation that the device in question that could be shown off at MWC could be a smartphone that can be worn on the wrist. This would undoubtedly be a very interesting device and would challenge the sea of foldable smartphones that we expect will flood the market this year.

Admittedly at this point in time, such a concept seems more novel than functional, but we’ll have to wait and see. Nubia has scheduled their event for the 25th of February, so do check back with us then for the details.

Source: FoneArena (via GSMArena)

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