Is this the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone?


Last year Xiaomi launched the Black Shark gaming smartphone, and more recently the company had confirmed that a second-gen Black Shark smartphone is in the works. Now thanks to an alleged leaked hands-on image that was shared on Twitter, we have an idea of what the Xiaomi Black Shark 2 gaming smartphone looks like.

To be honest based on what we’re seeing, and assuming that it is accurate, we’re not too impressed. For the most part, Xiaomi seems to have reused the same design it did on the previous model which features green lines running through its back. The main difference seems to be in its camera where their orientation appears to have been changed.

One lens also seems to be larger than the other, hinting that one of them could be a wide-angle lens. Other than that it looks pretty much identical to its predecessors. Not much is known in terms of specs, but if it is going to be a gaming smartphone in 2019, it will most likely feature the use of the Snapdragon 855 chipset and anywhere between 6-8GB of RAM.

Xiaomi will also most likely continue to feature the use of the “Shark Space” mode that frees up RAM on the device and blocks notifications to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

We’re still not sure if gaming smartphones are truly necessary since apart from a few features here and there, they don’t feel too different. More recently there has been speculation that the Razer Phone 3 might have been canceled, suggesting that maybe the demand for such devices isn’t as hot as one might think.


Source: Xiaomishka

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