Razer Phone 3’s future is in question as company cuts some of its workforce


While we can’t say we’re a fan of the whole concept of a “gaming smartphone”, we have to admit that we did enjoy the Razer Phone and the Razer Phone 2. They were solidly built devices and with that buttery smooth 120Hz display, it definitely put it head and shoulders above the competition.

They weren’t exactly perfect, but they got many things right, but unfortunately, it seems that Razer’s mobile efforts could be coming to an end. Droid-Life is reporting that Razer has recently laid off several members of their workforce, quite a few of which were engineers who worked on the Razer Phone handsets. They were also tipped off to the possibility that as a result, the Razer Phone 3 might have been canceled.

When they reached out to Razer for a comment, the company responded with a statement that didn’t really confirm (or deny) anything:

“Razer has made changes to realign our organization and strengthen our path to growth. We will centralize our resources to focus on key projects and improve our profitability. As part of the realignment, we shut down several projects and unfortunately had to part ways with about 30 employees (about 2% of our total workforce). Other employees of the affected projects will be moved to different parts of Razer to work on other key focus projects and initiatives which will continue to scale and hire.”

That being said, we can’t say we’re surprised if the Razer Phone 3’s cancellation rumors are true. This is because the mobile industry is a very competitive one and we’ve seen other players, such as Sony, pulling themselves out of several markets as a result. Take this with a grain of salt for now, but if we don’t hear anything about a Razer Phone 3 this year, chances are it might have been canceled.

Source: Droid-Life

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