Feb 23rd, 2019

This week we saw Samsung launch its foldable smartphone in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It turns out Samsung will not be alone in launching a foldable device because it now looks like Huawei is prepping theirs for MWC 2019, and a leaked photo has shown us what to expect.

In a photo shared on Chinese social media, it shows an image of workers putting up the poster for the upcoming Huawei Mate X (not to be confused with last year’s Huawei Mate 20 X), which as you can see from the photo, shows off Huawei’s foldable smartphone in varying states of folding.

Huawei’s foldable smartphone seems to be slightly different in design compared to the Galaxy Fold. The Huawei Mate X banner shows that the phone will feature ist foldable-display on the outside of the phone which will wrap around the front and back of the device when folded up, matching a patent discovered back in January. Huawei’s design of the Mate X also shows a thick bezel on one side of the device which appears to house the cameras, side-mounted fingerprint sensor and buttons. While this design with the foldable-display on the outside of the device does expose the screen at all times, it seems to be a much more elegant solution than the Galaxy Fold since it gives them a larger display to use when the device is folded while also making it much thinner.

There is no word on the specs of the phone or how much it would cost, but with the Samsung Galaxy Fold priced close to $2,000, we doubt Huawei’s Mate X will come cheap. In the meantime, we might also be able to expect foldable devices from the likes of OPPO and maybe even Motorola.

Source: 9to5Google

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