Feb 23rd, 2019

Just yesterday Samsung made their Galaxy S10 lineup official. That in itself was a pretty exciting event, but if you’re looking to extend that adrenaline rush, T-Mobile might have something for you. The carrier has recently launched an unboxing video of the handset, and they have approached it in a very extreme manner by unboxing the handset while skydiving.

If heights terrify you then perhaps this might not be the best video to watch. For those who might not be as squeamish, the video shows T-Mobile’s content director Desmond Brown and a team of three professional skydivers go up in a plane to an altitude of 13,000 feet and then jumping from the plane with the phone in their hands, all the while showing off some of the phone’s features, such as its reverse wireless charging.

This is actually not the first time that T-Mobile has conducted extreme unboxing videos. The company had previous unboxed phones while underwater, while surrounded by sharks, and while flying around in a helicopter, but we reckon that this has to be their most extreme (and wildly entertaining) publicity stunt to date.

In the meantime for those who might have missed out on our very extensive coverage of Samsung’s Unpacked 2019 event, head on over here for a quick recap on everything that Samsung announced at the event, which includes new flagship phones, 5G phones, foldable phones, and a bunch of new wearables.

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