Dirac Research debuts all new mobile 3D Audio and Bass.


Dirac is a world-renowned audio technology company on a mission to invent the future of sound. Specialised in digital audio optimisation, Dirac provides a perfected sound experience in any type of listening environment, including mobile, VR/AR, gaming, automotive, residential and commercial AV. Offering the industry’s most powerful suite of digital audio solutions, Dirac serves as a one-stop source for premium digital signal processing technologies. Their client list is extensive which includes some of the world’s most well-respected manufacturers, including BMW, Datasat, Harman, NAD, OnePlus, OPPO, Rolls Royce, Volvo, and Xiaomi.

Dirac 3D Audio is the culmination of multiple engineering breakthroughs. Dirac’s patent-pending Dynamic HRTFs (head-related transfer functions) enable unparalleled positional accuracy and one-degree resolution in all three dimensions, ensuring realistic audio reproduction with minimum distortion and errors. The company’s proprietary 3D audio reverberation engine, built upon more than a decade of scientific breakthroughs in sound field synthesis, produces convincing sound externalization and a true sense of space.

According to Lars Isaksson, Dirac’s General Manager, the introduction of Dirac 3D Audio for the mobile market comes at an important moment in the evolution of mobile device media consumption, as the next generation of networking is poised to deliver content with unprecedented quality and speed.

“With the imminent launch of a 5G network that will enable enhanced real-time mobile gaming and multi-channel audio streaming, consumers will expect their latest smartphones to capitalize on the expanded audio capabilities,” Isaksson remarked. “Dirac 3D Audio allows OEMs to meet these consumer expectations by equipping their smartphones with the ability to deliver a completely unique and never-before-heard 5G aural experience.”

In addition to 3D Audio, Dirac Bass leverages the classic psychoacoustic approach, which states that our hearing leads us to believe that there is a lower fundamental tone in a sound when, in reality, it’s merely a combination of artificially generated overtones that are several octaves higher. By utilising a dynamic NLD (non-linear device) that replaces bass tones with optimal overtones for a given input signal, Dirac Bass extends the perceived bass by up to three octaves on micro speakers. Together, these innovations place Dirac Bass well ahead of other existing solutions.

Alongside performance upgrades, Dirac Bass also provides key business benefits to OEMs. When small speakers and micro speakers attempt to produce pure bass tones, they easily get over-driven, causing audible distortion and ultimately speaker damage. By shifting bass tones to higher frequencies, Dirac Bass improves the health and longevity of the speakers. Furthermore, the removal of some of the original bass content results in new headroom for speaker excursion which is exploited to increase the perceived loudness of the full band playback.

Dirac Bass – which is used in conjunction with Dirac Panorama Sound® or Dirac Power Sound® – also allows smartphone manufacturers to utilise smaller speakers, which often cost less, while still delivering a significant boost to bass performance. These smaller Dirac Bass-enabled speakers require less power, which results in extended battery life for power-constrained mobile devices.

Exciting times in an increasingly lesser talked about field. While the smartphone leaders scramble for the best camera experience, it’s comforting to see a company such as Dirac who are concentrated on revolutionising the Audio experience.

Dirac will debut a new Dirac Distortion Control and Dirac Bass demo experiences developed with strategic partner AAC Technologies, the world-leader in micro speaker R&D and manufacturing. The demo integrates various Dirac mobile audio software solutions with AAC Technologies’ leading micro speakers to showcase a new level of mobile audio performance.

Since 2016, Dirac and AAC Technologies’ engineering teams have collaborated closely to maximize the efficiency of the hardware and software design process and achieve a new calibre of audio performance through products designed specifically to work together.

Dirac 3D Audio and the new Dirac Bass solution will be demoed at MWC19 – I’ll be stopping by to see or at least hear what all the noise is about.

Source: Dirac

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